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VirginiaRemodelings.com is a Remodel For Less by Rick Company
We are under no obligaion to provide everyone with an estimate.  We generally only provide written estimates to those who are seriously ready to contract work and when we feel there is a "compatability match" between ourselves and our potential clients.
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Your kitchen serves as the heart and hearth of your home. It's where you prepare meals and it's where all of your parties gather. Is it any wonder that kitchen remodels are so popular and have the largest payoff in terms of boosting a home's resale value? Of course, kitchen remodels are also the most complicated and can be the most expensive. The average project cost varies depending on the size of your kitchen, the quality of materials, and whether you change the layout of the room.
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Prepare For A Kitchen Remodel
1.) Find a professional. You're going to need a contractor to help you through this process, especially if there are electrical or plumbing changes involved. Interview three or four candidates for the position and make sure you check their backgrounds and past work thoroughly. Make sure to check Better Business Bureau reviews, as well as other sources. You want someone you can trust and work with easily throughout the remodeling process.

- VirginiaRemodelings.com is fully licensed and insured. We have tons of references available and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

2.) Set some money aside for any surprises. You never know when a problem could occur, a contractor could discover mold or other problems could arise. Set aside a good chunk of money to cover any of those unexpected expenses. About 20 percent of your estimated project cost, or around $3,000 to $5,000 is a good amount to save for surprise turns of events.

- VirginiaRemodelings.com is very detailed oriented with our contracts. We are usually able to foresee any issues ahead of time and are able to price these in the initial estimate.

3.) See if you can help out. While there are some projects that only a contractor can accomplish, you might be able to do some of the smaller projects yourself. This could cut down on total cost. Talk with the contractor and see what you can do to speed up the remodel and save money.

- VirginiaRemodelings.com always allows our customers to participate in the remodeling project to save money. There are usually ways that the customer can help to keep the remodel within their budget.

4.) Discuss the floor plan and timeline. Before the contractor gets started, you will need to know the schedule and exactly what the finished product will look like. He or she will bring in a designer or draw up a floor plan of the remodel, which you will need to approve. From there, the plan goes to the local building permit office and onto the record for your home.

- VirginiaRemodelings.com will always give an estimated time of completion, multiple 3D virtual views, and a floor plan. VirginiaRemodelings.com will also pull all of the necessary permits in order to start your project.

5.) Sign a contract. This step is imperative. If you don't sign a contract with your contractor, he or she might not be held liable for any mistakes or misunderstandings. You do not want to be saddled with additional repairs after the fact, so make sure you get in writing the scope of the project and his or her responsibilities. In addition to a full project description, the contract should also include the cost estimate and timeline.

- VirginiaRemodelings.com has very detailed contracts. Contact VirginiaRemodelings.com today for a Free Detailed Estimate, and 3D design.
Kitchen Remodel Great Falls, VA
Some of these great kitchen remodeling pictures should provide you with ideas for your own kitchen remodeling and renovation projects.
As a homeowner, the question you should ask when planning for a kitchen remodel is how long you plan to live in your home from the time of the remodel. If you plan to sell your home shortly after the remodel, you shouldn't spend too much money on it. The rule of thumb is that you should spend between 5 and 15 percent of their home's total value on your kitchen remodel. This is the optimum range for homeowners to spend and expect to recoup during a home's resale.

If you plan to remain in your home for years after the remodel, then you should consider splurging on items like new countertops, appliances, cabinets and flooring. The fact you'll be living in the house for years to come means that you'll continue to find value in their repeated use. If you plan to live in your home for years or decades after the renovation, there's no point in spending money on a kitchen remodel and only making small changes.
While this applies more to sellers than to lifetime homeowners, the neighborhood you live in should reflect the kind of changes you make in a kitchen remodel. Your kitchen should not be significantly more understated or overstated than other kitchens in the neighborhood. This could reflect poorly when potential buyers are perusing and comparing homes in the area. Ideally, you want a renovation that brings out the best qualities of your kitchen and also complements your home. Avoid any colors, styles and other design qualities in your kitchen that will disrupt the overall scheme of your home.
VirginiaRemodelings.com Can handle any size kitchen remodel and renovation. We will handle all aspects of the project:

Kitchen Remodeling Demo: Removing Countertops. Removing Backsplash. Removing Cabinets. Removing Flooring. Removing any old lighting fixtures that will be changed. Removing old appliances and disposing of properly. Removing any baseboard, crown molding etc.

Kitchen Remodeling Prep: To even out walls by using compound and sanding. Sometimes depending on condition of drywall it may have to be replaced. Make sure that the flooring is level and depending on what material the customer chooses will determine the different prep method and prep material. During this time, we would relocate or install any electrical, venting, lighting, and plumbing.

Kitchen Remodeling Installation: Install Flooring, Cabinets, Countertops, Backsplash, Base Board, Crown Molding, Sink, Faucets, Appliances, and Painting.

Basic 3D design of a kitchen layout. This will help picture how everything will look before relocating plumbing and ordering cabinets.
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