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Granite Opinions
How do you feel about this "Black Fusion" granite countertops (picture above) with white cabinets in a kitchen?
"This granite makes me think of the 80's. The black and gold is a bit much for my taste."
"It would go better with cream cabinets."
Purellville, VA
"There are several pictures of this granite with white cabs. The kitchen is pretty spectacular looking, IMO, because the accents are spot on with black."
"Personally, it is a bit more than I would want to live with for many years, but if your client loves it, then go for it."
"I've used this granite with warm white cabinets...and love the outcome. Maybe balance with a dark backsplash to tie together. See for yourself!"
"The problem with any type of dark countertop is that it makes the room darker."

That granite might work for an island rather than doing the entire kitchen in it so the room doesn't end up too dark."
Great Falls, VA
"Not an expert here, but we went with a more, erm, "spectacular" granite for our kitchen and if I had a do-over, I would pick something more plain and even-toned. I like our granite but it is definitely the focal point of the kitchen. It makes it hard to dress the kitchen up in other ways, such as picking accent colors or changing the look for seasons. Just one client-perspective to consider. But if your client loves loves loves it, well, it's their kitchen."
"My thought is the same as hayley's, use it for an island but only if there will be no cuts. also i think it would be great above a fireplace.

any place where, if the customer suddenly has a what was i thinking moment, it can easily be swapped without expense other than a new counter.

i do like it, but i can believe it doesnt play well with others."
"I like the granite. But I am not sure how it will look in a kitchen. I can totally see this granite in a bathroom. Now that would be spectacular! Good luck!"
South Riding,VA
"It will definitely be the boss. Personally, it would drive me crazy but it isn't my kitchen."
"I wouldn't pick it but it's gorgeous in that pic I think a off white would be better !! I have granite similar to this with all that movement but mine is black and white and grey and I'm in love with it ! It is hard to pick a back splash though still havnt and it's been a year."
Herndon, VA
"Beware of using this "granite". It's high mica content leaves it weak and it will shale on you in a heartbeat. It's also kinda "Elvis in Vegas" stylewise. Which probably works visually in the right setting. As long as you can get past it's deficiencies in it's structural nature."
Ashburn, VA
Herringbone Pattern
We have been getting a lot of requests lately to install wood grained looking tile in a herringbone pattern. For those of you that are considering this, please keep in mind that the herringbone pattern is more traditionally an outdoor paver patio pattern where the ratio of the length to width of the paver bricks are 2 to 1. If you decide to venture forth and take this pattern indoors using 6x36 tiles the look is dramatically different. We have shown herringbone patterns in a 2 to 1 (4 by 8) ratio pattern, 4 to 1 (6 x 24) ratio and a, 6 to 1 (6 x 36) ratio. What do you think about this idea now? We had a client that was interesting in doing their tile floor in herringbone until we showed them the scaled 6 to 1 ratio sketch! What do you think?
Herringbone Pattern length is twice the width
Herringbone Pattern Lenth four times the width
"I turned all your images (see below) so readers could see how the pattern would be set adjacent to rectangular walls. This is a pattern that has used for centuries in homes in Europe and PreWar in the US. I'm assuming that 4x the width is a bit easier to control during installation."
Great Falls, VA
"At first glance I liked them, then when I really looked and them, I felt as if I was being pointed to somewhere or to an object. So, no it isn't something I'd want."
Aldie, VA
Herringbone Pattern Lenth six times the width
"I love the herringbone in the 4:1. The 6:1 seems to exaggerated and the 2:1 too much like a patio."
Broadlands, VA
2 to 1 ratio
4 to 1 ratio
6 to 1 ratio
CounterTop Opinions
What do you think about this granite with cabinets and tile shown?
"This granite is very busy and seems to have a lot of green. Is the tile plain or is there color/texture? Can't tell from the picture. If you have your heart set on that granite, everything else really should be as neutral as possible!"
Ashburn, VA
"HI -- It's beautiful but has lots of movement in it . I think I would use it on an island and perhaps have a grey /white textured quartz for the other counters. How are you planning to use this ? It goes great with your samples ."
Leesburg, VA
"I am not sure I could look at that early in the morning with my breakfast bowl of cereal on top. The swirls would make my stomach roll. I think its pretty, but I would not use it in a kitchen on any surface you intend to eat from like a bar island. There is a reason dining room tables are generally solid. Just something to think about."
Haymarket, VA
"Fusion is such a beautiful stone with splendid color and movement. We have found over the years that it works best as an accent piece (island or as furniture top) in small quantities. Somehow doing a whole room in it seems to lessen its appeal."
Front Royal, VA
"That's some very bold and dramatic granite. I'd paint the cabinets a grey or green that's in the granite. Matte or eggshell. You could do the lower cabinets a dark grey and the uppers that beautiful pale avocado. Get cabinets that meet the ceiling, and minimize your use of molding, and stark white."
Marshall, VA
"It's a quartzite not granite. Make sure your fabricator is equipped and experienced for quartzite Also go with a fabricator that produces with photo layouts so you can see what your tops will look like before you pull the trigger. With a photo layout you will see how your seams flow if done right the movement will help make those seams seam invisible."
Fairfax, VA
It is a beautiful quartzite, and i love the floor tile with it. I agree that a creamy colored white may look better than the start white. Other posters have mentioned seams on the countertops. Depending on your kitchen layout, I would discuss this with your fabricator. It will be hard to seam and match up this slab, so if you will have a seam or two in the counters, you may look for a more solid colored perimeter countertop and use this as your island. I would draw the green into the backsplash.
Manassas, VA
"Just keep in mind the slab will be divided into sections for the 24" deep counters and any seams will be very noticeable because of all the movement in the slab."
Purcellville, VA
Granite with lots of movement needs a very quite floor tile.
Falls Church, VA
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